Instead of rigid, set dates, we offer introductory lessons throughout the year.
These consist of four, half hour sessions, scheduled for your, and the instructors, convenience.
During these sessions you will learn all the basics of fencing, including: footwork, and how to manoeuvre with an opponent; the use of the sword; how to attack and defend; the use of equipment (all necessary equipment is provided for beginners).

If you want to begin on your own, or with a friend, we will always be pleased to see you.
If several people wish to start together, we offer discounts for our courses:
£24 four sessions for one person
£46 four sessions for two people (£23 per person)
£66 four sessions for three people (£22 per person)
£84 four sessions for four people (£21 per person)
Please contact the club if more than four people wish to start together.

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